G'day, and welcome to my website. I'm an Aussie by birth, but landed on Canada's shores several years ago. To borrow the lyrics of a song, "I still call Australia home", but Canada is now my "home away from home". Having said that I still love Vegemite on toast/crackers/sanga's, dunk TimTams in my tea and have a longing for a good meat pie with sauce (tomato of course). While I love to travel and explore the great outdoors I'm not so keen on creepy crawlies - I'd rather photograph a landscape with some of Canada's iconic wildlife in it; black bears, moose, whales, deer, mountain goats ... In 2011 I had the opportunity to photograph grizzly bears feeding on salmon in the Chilcotin, and in October of 2012 I plan to travel to the Great Bear Rainforest to hopefully catch a glimpse of the rare Kermode, or spirit bear. My love of photography is not only limited to landscapes and 4 legged creatures; I also love to capture images of children at play and their interactions with family. Whatever your visual preference - landscapes, wildlife, abstract, cityscapes, macro or close up in natural light - I hope you'll find something that captures your attention and invites you to take a second or third look. Thanks for dropping by.